Danish Stem Cell Society (DASCS) provides a broad and interdisciplinary focal point for researchers and professionals within the stem cell and regenerative medicine field in Denmark. For many years stem cell researchers within University and industry institutions have sought an independent forum to exchange knowledge and to establish collaborations across the country.  Founded in 2012, DASCS was therefore a welcomed initiative, clearly reflected in the large number of registered members (130) shortly after the society launched in September 2012.

After our first successful event, DASCS aims at hosting an annual Stem Cell Symposium listing several national and internationally renowned stem cell researchers who will talk about the latest progress within their respective fields.

DASCS invites everyone with an interest to sign up for our Symposiums and other events – and we highly encourage our participants to network and become inspired from the forefront of Danish and International stem cell science.

2 thoughts on “About DASCS

  1. Dear DASCS,
    I´m working for Proteintech Group, http://www.ptglab.com, an Antibody copmany that also provided Human expressed Proteins, Cytokines, Growthfactors that should be of interest for Stemcell research.

    We are interested but hesitating to register for the DASCS meeting in November as the situation is at the moment.

    Will it be possible to register later or is it not binding to pay if the event is cancelled?

    Thank you in advance

    Kind Regards,

    Hans Lundberg
    Proteintech Group
    Regional Manager Scandinavia
    +46 704 625762

    • Dear Mr. Lundberg
      apologies for the extremely late reply, we missed this contact form during the changing situation in spring. As you may already have noticed, we decided to cancel the DASCS2020 meeting and also this 2021 meeting. Instead, we are working hard for an actual physical meeting again in 2022, May 19-20.
      We do hope to see you there, as your products seem relevant for stem cell research.
      Please keep an eye on our webpage as it will be updated with more information.
      Best regards,
      Christian Brøchner
      vice-chairman, DASCS

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